Growth Tutoring and its founder have been providing private tutoring in the last 8 years. Providing specialist subject tuition across high schools and university subjects, together with our “Fit for Purpose” learning system Growth Tutoring has been helping more than 500 students succeed.

Starting from a small personal client database from Adelaide, Growth Tutoring has more demand and hence its business model is in transition to meeting more demand with better service and quality. Growth Tutoring has been sourcing high achieving tutors from outstanding university students to industry specialists such as engineers, accountants, lawyers etc. The business commenced in Brisbane with its capability to expand in other cities in Australia.

The strategic plan for Growth Tutoring is to have a presence in local communities to support families and to help students to grow more.

The Founder
John Zhong TutorI started tutoring 7 years ago when I was studying at the University of Adelaide. I achieved a Deans Merit over my entire 4 years of university study. I did not consider myself as a very smart person and I didn’t work that hard. I spent much of my time catching up with friends and working part time. I told every student of mine the same secret so that they would all grow dramatically from where they were. I can share with you what this secret is i.e. the Way of Thinking. It became my dream to give this secret away to all my students in order to witness their growth through my tutoring. Today, I have established Growth Tutoring and my aim is to ask my selected quality tutors to give this secret to more students than I could do by myself so that my dream can be fulfilled.
    – Young Engineers Australia Industry Representative, 2014
    – First Class Honours with Bachelor degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, the university of Adelaide, 2010
    – Golden Key International Honour ship award in 2007
    – Dean’s Merit Certificate of outstanding achievements in Electronic and Electric Engineering in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010
    – Australian Power Academy Scholarship 2009-2010
    – Australian CORE Youth Engineer 2010
    – Scholar at Bradford College, 2006.Top student in Mathematics Studies, Specialist Maths and Physics at Bradford College